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Road Line Painting and Parking Lot Marking in the Ottawa Region

Customers appreciate a well-designed and well-marked parking system. The parking lot is often the first thing that your customers or visitors will see. A freshly painted parking lot can lend an attractive impression to the overall image of your property. For experienced parking lot marking throughout Ottawa and the surrounding area, get in touch with our qualified team.

We offer professional line painting for:
Parking lots • Schoolyards (including lines for school games) • Bike paths
Industrial complexes and warehouses • And more

Our residential and commercial services include, but are not limited to:

  • Parking lot lines
  • Direction arrows
  • Handicap/disabled parking areas 
  • Symbols
  • Numbered spaces
  • Crosswalks
  • Stop bars and tails
  • Hatchings 
  • Curbing
  • Playgrounds/school games (we do a lot of them)
  • Fire lanes
  • Bus lanes
  • Drive-thru lanes
  • Re-paints and new layouts
  • Custom graphics
  • Line beading for increased visibility
  • Line removal
  • Custom colour paint (special orders)
  • Roadway services
  • Interior floor markings, safety walkways for warehouses, garages, etc.

We Take a Safety-First Approach

Line painting in parking lots is very important to ensure the safety of both vehicle and pedestrian traffic. Carefully thought-out line painting helps improve traffic flow through the proper use of directional arrows, no parking zones and any other markings that business owners would like to display to their customers.

The Benefits

Professional line striping allows visitors to make use of your parking lot in a safer way. Our services help direct traffic to proper entry/exit routes as well as allowable parking areas, loading zones, crosswalks. Our markings define drive aisles that are wide enough to avoid accidents with cars and pedestrians. Properly designed parking spaces also maximize the number of cars your shopping mall, office, or apartment building can safely accommodate.

Of course, parking lots are only as safe as the quality of asphalt they’re made of. Before small cracks become large, unsafe potholes, call Bright & Right Line Painting and inquire about our professional crack filling services.

Line painting

Contact Us

If you require professional asphalt crack filling, pavement striping, or traffic signs, speak with our service representative for more information.

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